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This is it folks!!! The best deal on a shoulder holster for the M&P9/40! The Falco Shoulder Holster. Why spend $170+ on a shoulder holster made by another company, when this full leather holster is GREAT and less than $80 shipped?!?! "But, ShooterM", you might say, "Falco does not make their shoulder holster for our M&P"! This is where some ingenuity and the excellent customer service of Gunner's Alley came into play

We know that the M&P9/40 fits very comfortably into most holsters for a Glock 20/21, and this is also the case for this shoulder holster with the thumb break. However, the magazines fit very loosely into the mag carriers for the G20/21. That was the problem I was faced with. Should I just live with loose, sloppy magazines in their carriers? Maybe I could stitch the extra leather to make them fit snugly? Not good enough for me. I did some snooping and some measuring, and I found that the XD9 mags were almost identical in size to the M&P40 mags. I spoke with a couple companies, who would not do a special order on this item. Then, I contacted Gunner's Alley and reached Bill. Bill was very quick with replies and very helpful to fill this order. He did not have to go out of his way to get this custom order filled, but he did. So, I took the chance and had him special-order me a Glock 20/21 shoulder holster with the XD9 mag carrier. When the holster arrived, everything fit a bit tight, just as a new holster/mag carrier should. After a few weeks of use, it is the perfect fit! I highly recommend working with Gunner's Alley!!!

If you want to use this as your shoulder holster, I highly recommend contacting Bill first, to ask if you can get a custom order on this holster/carrier combination. Here is the link:

Falco shoulder holster at Gunner's Alley

Use the "Contact Us" link (top right) to send an e-mail to Bill.

If anyone has questions, or even requests for specific pictures of this holster, let me know. Best of luck!

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