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I was at my local firearm dealer the other day, and I saw a Sig P229 40 on display. That's nothing new, but than I notice that it was price at $300.00 less than normal.
It turns out that the pistol was a Certified Used Sig pistol. I initially thought it was bought by someone and resold to the dealer. However, I was informed that it was a demo and never sold. Apparently, Sig likes to demo their firearm at gun shows/shooting range/other events. Afterward, they do a complete makeover and sale their pistol to dealers.

I took the pistol apart, and notice little to no wear on the slide, rail, and barrel. Needless to say, I bought it. I just couldn't pass up the deal. It came with night sights and two mags.

Question: Did I do the right thing? I bought it for $640.00, and a new p229 is price at $950.00+. What do you think? Thanks.
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