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Inside pants holster,help,,,,

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Hey guys,

I see that alot of you use a IWB ? inside pants holster? My guestion is, if you pull you weapon out, doesn't your pants fall down??? :?:

I know this sounds like a crazy guestion, but it seems to me that if you have that much waistband wraped around a gun and holster and you pull the weapon out, that seems like that leaves a lot of open space and down goes your pants, or there abouts???? :oops:

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I pull out the gun but the holster is still there.

a good IWB maintains it's shape after the pistol is removed, and shouldn't allow for the pants to fall down.
Thought the exact same thing before I tried it. Unless you happen to be somewhat a genetic anomaly whose hip structure tapers; or happen to be part of the cool crowd wearing pants atleast 7 sizes too big and below where the good Lord split ya, you should be safe.

If you wear your pants at or above hip level as in your belt ends up at or slightly above your hip bones, there is enough bone structure and meat on your a$$ to keep your pants up, even through rigorous activity. You also have to remember that while the gun is gone the holster is still there taking up some if not the same amount of space. I have a 34-35" waist and buy pants that are 36" at the waist to make room for my gun. For me this is plenty of extra room, and I dont look stupid when I am not carrying.

As with everything CCW related, having quality gear helps the cause considerably. If you have a holster that will not collapse after the gun is drawn you shold have no problems and I would strongly urge you to get such a holster, so that you can reholster in handed.

Hope this helps
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I agree with TAZ

Having good gear is number one. Meaning a good quality fitting holster and a really good gun belt. You need to get around and talk to some others who are CCW. See what they use find out what you feel good using.
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Thanks Guys,

That helps alot,

I did not understand the holster end of it until now.

That would makes senses about the holster not collapsing.

Thanks guys,

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and as far as I am cocerned there is only one holster to consider, the Milt Sparks Versa Max 2. If you order it from Craig at Lightning Arms Sports, he usually has stuff in stock. If you order it from Milt Sparks it usually takes awhile.

Of course I am not sure if there is one available for the M&P yet though.

I carried a full size Beretta 92 in Ecuador for 2 weeks with my VM2, no one noticed, and other than a couple of times, I pretty much forgot it was there. Including when I went swimming (not my choice, freakin Australians are a fun bunch drunk).
The VM II is an excellent holster and you wouldn't regret the money spent.

For something different the CrossBreed by one of the site sponsors is an excellent choice. I have used one for over a year and a Commander sized 1911 just disappears. And, since the part that holds the handgun is a kydex material it doesn't collapse and there's no change in your adjusted "waistband".

Call Mark. He's very accomodating and helpful.
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My choice for a holster

They make a really quality line of holsters and you will get quick service at a really fair price.
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Re: My choice for a holster

flanker said:

They make a really quality line of holsters and you will get quick service at a really fair price.

I can second that comment, I use a C-T.A.C. and it is very comfortable and stays in position.

I'm like most and have spent alot of money on holsters to find the right one.
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