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Hello all. Good idea to have a separate area for intros. On other boards the newbs get washed away quickly.

I'm a LEO in MI and have just picked up a couple of M&P's to T&E. a f/s 40SW and a compact 9. I found this board while researching the M&P and have found much that adds to the knowledge base of the firearm.

I'm getting married 2 weeks from today, so I won't have as much range time with these pistols as I'd hoped, but I'll get a bunch of rounds through them whenever I have a free minute. (Also moving to within 1 mile of our range, so that helps!)

I am selling a couple of my safe queens to make room for an M&P or two. I put a P228 on the classifieds here this morning, and have to go through my Glocks to decide which ones stay and which ones go.

Thanks for the great BBS dedicated to the M&P!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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