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IPSC Question

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I want to use my M&P 40 for IPSC but I want to change the sites to the fibre optics ones, does anyone know if I use aftermarket sites will I still be able to shoot in production?
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For ipsc

"Aftermarket sights of the same type and kind offered by the OFM for the approved handgun are permitted, provided their installation and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun."
Yes. Fiber optic front sights are allowed in production division.
What he said!!

Julie Goloski, Jerry Miculek and Boby McGee all used Fiber Optic Sights at the USPSA Production Nationals in Tulsa last month.

They are very much legal.

I can't wait for the Warren rear sights to hit the market though, I saw the Prototypes and they are just perfect for Production Division.
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people keep saying yup, but the guy is form canada.. It's ipsic production, not USPSA production.

I'm not sure they are legal given the IPSC wording of the rule. Type.. and kind? Notch and post and iron? Fixed? dunno, never shot under ipsc rules, jsut USPSA.
I am almost positive that Fiber Optics were accepted in IPSC Production, but I'll find out and post the results, I'll have to download the newest IPSC Rule Book!!

I should learn, because next year some clubs will be shooting IPSC Matches (with IPSC RUles, not USPSA) in the US to pick the USA Team for the World Shoot.
Yes!! Fiber optic sights are legal in IPSC production division.


Production Division

Special conditions:

16. Only handguns approved and listed on the IPSC website may be used in

Production Division.

17. Single-action-only handguns are prohibited. First shot must be double

action. Handguns with external hammers must be fully decocked.

Competitors in this Division who, after the issuance of the start signal and

prior to making the first shot, cock the hammer on a handgun which has a

loaded chamber, will incur one procedural penalty per occurrence. Note that

a procedural penalty will not be assessed if the first double action shot

attempted fails to discharge due to a malfunction, or in respect of courses of

fire where the ready condition requires the competitor to prepare the handgun

with an empty chamber. In these cases, the competitor may fire the first

shot single action.

18. Neither the handgun, nor any of its attachments, nor any allied equipment

(e.g. magazines or other loading devices), can extend forward of the line

illustrated in Appendix F3. Any such items a Range Officer deems not to

be in compliance must be safely and promptly adjusted, failing which Rule will apply.

1 Minimum power factor for Major Not applicable

2 Minimum power factor for Minor 125

3 Minimum bullet weight No

4 Minimum bullet caliber / cartridge case length 9mm (0.354”) /

19mm (0.748”)

5 Minimum bullet caliber for Major Not applicable

6 Minimum trigger pull (see Appendix F2) 2.27 kg (5lbs) for

first shot

7 Maximum handgun size Maximum barrel

length 127mm (5”)

8 Maximum magazine length Yes, see below.

9 Maximum ammunition capacity No

10 Max. distance of handgun and mags/speed loaders

from torso


11 Rule applies Yes

12 Restriction on position of holster and other equipment

Yes, see below.

13 Optical/electronic sights permitted No

14 Compensators permitted No

15 Ports permitted No

19. Original parts and components offered by the OFM as standard equipment,

or as an option, for a specific model handgun on the IPSC approved handgun

list are permitted, subject to the following:

19.1 Modifications to them, other than minor detailing, are prohibited.

19.2 Base plates and/or any other devices which provide additional

ammunition capacity (e.g. “+2” magazine extensions), are prohibited.

19.3 Front sights may be trimmed, adjusted and/or have sight black


20. Aftermarket parts, components and accessories are prohibited, except as follows:

20.1 Aftermarket magazines which match the external dimensions of

standard magazines offered by the OFM for the approved handgun

are permitted.

20.2 Aftermarket sights of the same type and kind offered by the OFM

for the approved handgun are permitted, provided their installation

and/or adjustment requires no alteration to the handgun.

20.3 Aftermarket grips which match the profile of the OFM standard for

the approved handgun and/or the application of grip tape is permitted,

however, rubber sleeves are prohibited.

21. A competitor who fails to comply with any of the requirements above will

be subject to Rule




11.8 Interpretation of Rules

Please note that these are interpretations issued in compliance with Rule 11.8.3 and are subject to ratification or

modification at the next IPSC Assembly.

1. In respect of Rule 4.1.1, if one or more targets at a match fail to comply exactly with the stated specifications, and if

replacement targets of the correct specifications are unavailable, the Range Master must decide whether or not the variance

is acceptable for that match, and which provisions of Section 2.3 of these rules will apply, if any. However the Range

Master's decision will only affect the match in progress, and will not serve as a precedent for future matches held at the

same location, or for any subsequent use of the subject targets at another match.

2. In respect of Rule, prior to and/or during testing, the competitor's firearm and the component parts thereof must

not be altered or modified in any way from the condition it is being used (or will be used) at the match. Violations will be

subject to Section 10.6.

3. In respect of Rule 6.6.2, the expression "all members of official Regional Teams must compete in the main match" only

applies to matches sanctioned by IPSC as Level IV or higher.

4. In respect of Rule 8.1.3, when a Handgun Ready Condition requires a handgun be prepared with an empty chamber (or

cylinder), the slide of the handgun must be fully forward (or the cylinder must be fully closed) and the hammer or striker

must be fully down or fully forward, as the case may be.

5. In respect of Rule 8.2.2, the expression "arms hanging naturally by the sides" is illustrated in Appendix F3.

6. In respect of Rule, this option may also be applied when two or more courses of fire share a common shooting

bay or area.

7. In respect of Rule 10.5.9, the exception also applies to competitors using a double-action or selective action handgun in

other Divisions.

8. In respect of Appendix C1, Point 6©, if the popper falls for any external reason (e.g. wind action), before it can be

calibrated, Section 4.6 will apply, and a reshoot must be ordered.

9. In respect of Appendix D4, Point 19.1, the expression "minor detailing" means the removal of burrs and/or adjustments

unavoidably required in order to fit replacement OFM parts and components.

10. In respect of Appendix D4, Point 19.1, prohibited modifications also include those which facilitate faster reloading

(e.g. flared, enlarged or add-on magwells, etc.).

11. In respect of Appendix D4 Point 20.2, the expression "same type and kind" means "any open sights" (see Rule5.1.3.1).

12. In respect of references to the term "allied equipment", this means holsters, magazines, speed loading devices and/or

their respective pouches.
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