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Is there a Range or Gun club that would be willing to host a

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I was reading up on the 1000 rnd Glock vs 1911 match.

I would really like to see the same type match with a "run what ya brung" attitude.

Maybe a bunch of 40 rnd stages same rule of "If it don't fire you are out"

But open to all automatic handguns.

Lax up on the entry requirements (No prostate exam required) Basically if you would be allowed to shoot in any IDPA or USPSA match you could sign up.

Put up entry info say 6 weeks in advance to be sure people have time to load up 1000 or so rounds.

If it was in the Oklahoma City area I would be more than happy to help out with set up and planning also work the match.

Maybe use production rules so there is no minor major point difference.

Possibly a "Stock" and "Modified" division we could work on that.

We could hash out the minimum caliber and other details later.

Winner gets a little "Mall Ninja" trophy!

We could do it say twice a year?
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