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I just got these a little while ago and my first impression is I do not like them at all. As a matter of fact when the first set got lost in the mail I wish I would have told Jester to just forget about it as that would save me the cost of shipping to the next guy. Why don't I like them?

1) Don't fit on my Galco CB-4 Belt without tearing the crap out of it. It is impossible to slide them on.

2) Of the 4 different types and brands of 1911 mag pouches I have these hang the lowest.

3) Seems like way too much tension for a Kydex pouch.

I really dislike Fobus stuff but I'd keep using the Fobus before buying these. That will do it I guess. Here is a quick picture. Which one is molded correctly as it definitely affects the way they work with various belts.

Whoever is next send me your shipping info.
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