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Jim Cirillo killed in traffic accident

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We regrettfully inform you that Jim Cirillo has passed away.

He died this morning in a car crash.

17-0 in gunfights.

Jeff Cooper called him 'Cirillo the Great'. Massad Ayoob says he is one of the great law enforcement gun-fighters of our time. Few firearms instructors, if any, can match his cumulative street combat experience.

As a member of the New York City Stake-Out Squad (1968-1973) Jim Cirillo's only job was to confront the most hardened and dangerous armed criminals in the city. During this time he was involved in seventeen shootouts and more armed confrontations than can be counted. During the years following his retirement from the NYPD Cirillo worked as a firearms instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center from 1976-1991.

May he rest in Peace.
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Sad to hear!! Prayers for the family!
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