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sandbagger40 said:
I just bought a new m&p 40c and took it to the range yesterday. I really like the way it feels and it is more accurate than I am. I have one question, though. I've been reading these forums for a couple of days now and I've noticed some of you have had some problems in the past? what sort of problem, if any should I look for? By the way, this is my first post. Thanks for your input

Bagster. it seems there have been more growing pains with the 9c vs. the .40c judging from the posts but I can't say for sure. In my case, I had a problem (my 9c only) with the slide locking on the last round (more than a few of us have had this one). It was fixed by replacing the slide catch spring. I also had a problem with a very weak magazine catch that got worse the more I shot, i.e the slightest engagement would drop the mag. This was fixed at the factory by replacing the mag catch. Others have had problems with mags dropping while firing. I have not had that problem - I am left handed and am comfortable working a right handed mag release but more than a few RH folks have had a problem. Ditto for LH shooters who have reversed the mag catch for LH usage.

Oh, and by the way welcome!!
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