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Just got in my Comp-Tac Shirt-Tucker

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I like it for the most part. It's nice, solid construction, the gun slides in easily but locks securely, and the profile is mighty slim. I think, though, I might have made a mistake trying to save a few bucks on the shirt tucker instead of springing for the CTAC - I'm constantly having to adjust because the weight of the gun is pulling it into a kind of FBI-type cant that it's not supposed to have, and then my pants stick out in weird places

I think I might send it back and replace it with the CTAC, but I was wondering about the clips. Has anybody used the C-clip, and knows if it stays in place pretty well? It kind of looks like, since there's nothing secured to the face of the belt, that the belt could potentially slip out and leave only the pants supporting the holster. Or any suggestions in general about the clip type?
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choochboost said:
The C-clips didn't work for me either. The standard clips work well, but if you need ultra discreet carry go with V-clips.

+1 to what chooch said. I had the j clips and hated them. IMHO, they are worthless as they put all of the wight of the gun on your pants
. The standard clips work very well for most circumstances.

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