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Just Got my M&P 9 millimeter

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I went to the range and shot 200 WWB thru it,, flawless and accurate. Has much less kick to me than the 40.

I got nightsites on this one too from S&W.

It's a winner.

The only problem is the mags for each gun fit the other!!! So, wonder if the 9 mm will shoot in the 40? I know the 40 wont shoot in the 9 mm.

Does anyone know if I did make a mistake (they are indentical to me) will I blow anything up?




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If you put a 9 down the 40's pipe the case will expand like crazy. I have seen a couple, it will sound like a squib, and not hit the target, or if it does, not where you aimed.

No harm to the pistol, and a 40 just woln't chamber in the 9.
You might think about color coding the basepads with a paint pen or something.
When I went to the range today I had both and make a conscious effort to not mix them up.

But, I can see where eventually I will switch. At least there will be no harm done.

Amazing that the WWB for the 40s is $23.00 and the WWB for the 9 mm is $12.88 (100 shots). The diff is size isnt all that much but the price difference in the ammo is outrageous.

Thats a good reason to supplement the 40 with the 9. Its a whole lot cheaper to shoot the 9. And, I think the 9 mm is almost as destructive and powerful?? Agreed?

I have a nice holster to carry the 40 and of course it fits the 9 as well. It is impossible to see it when I have a tee shirt and open buttondonw shirt on. Since i dont carry both guns at the same time,,, NO new holster needed.


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pics of night sights plz
These are the Factory Night Sites installed by Smith and Wesson.

Pictures were a little complicated to take,, had to use apature priority with the smallest opening and a tripod with natural light to increase the depth of field. The auto modes in cameras just dont do it.

Here are some pictures of the 9 mm night sites:


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Here is what the night sites look like in pitch dark thru the lens of a Nikon D100 in manual mode on a tripod with self timing on.

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thank you for the pics, the night pics really look cool.

it seems that all they did was drill a hole and insert the glow optics..
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