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ooh, btw, new here and glad to be... just received my MPE**** m&p9 and thought i'd post a couple pics!

couple s&w knives in the green background shot; a tanto and a bootknife but undrawn... not too fond of them really as i'm pretty sure they're manufactured in communist china, but my m&p9 needs some company:

rem umc 147gr metal case and gerber guardian bootknife for company:

finally a teensy maglite and coldsteel voyager folder for company... i know... not topnotch stuff just yet but i'm workin on it! :wink:

just started to get back into this sorta stuff proper after many years but i did grow up fishin and going on the odd hunt with uncles... am a lifelong airgunner though and i don't mean airsoft!

thanks for peeking in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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