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Laser sight sight in distance?

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I have a Lasermax-uni which I just installed. Any general wisdom on sighting in distance for a laser sight? I've read somewhere that another maker (of grip sights) ships theirs set for 50'

Looks like a pretty nice unit, quite compact for a rail mount unit, even so, its still lower then the sights so I guessing at what distance to have it agree with the sights on the gun elevation wise.
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I was looking for pistol zero standards as well, found a NRA target that was 12" x 20" @ 50': :// ://

Most people zero their weapons for the distance they intend to use it. Pistols are used generally for CQC, so a zero at 50' generates a "hit" when aimed center mass at that distance or closer. If you intend to just punch holes in paper, obviously set the zero for that distance.
I generally zero mine at 25yds as that is the farthest I can see them (Crimson Trace) in full sun.

Grant, we also agree on the distance. Anything more than 25m the dot begins to shake and your really cant identify where the impact will be...

I always set my lasers for 7 yards. 90%+ of self defense shootings are within this distance. And, this also fits in with household distances room to room too.
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