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I'm posting this here because I have a full size .40. I've been kicking around the idea of buying a laser sight of some kind for my pistol. I've also been thinking about a light for it and I happened to come across the Streamlight TLR-2. Does anyone have any opinions about it or any other suggestions about another product? Thanks for the help.
I just bought the Olight Baldr mini with the green laser for my 2.0 Compact 4"
Took it to the range once and liked it . It is my first laser and for me took more getting used to than a red dot which I have on my Sig P320. The laser forces you to hold steady more because it moves around a bit. Once zero'd in it seems accurate enough for home defense. The movement of the laser gets better with practice, I'm not the most steady shot so the movement could be all me. Not sure yet how well it holds zero. They sell for $130. For that price it is definately worth it, even if you end up only using the light. Can use light only, laser only, and both light and laser like most others. I have a Olight PL Mini light only that I absolutely love. For about $80 can't imagine a better light for the money. The battery on the Baldr Mini with laser does not last as long on a single charge as the PL Mini does, but long enough. The green laser on the Baldr has a very long throw and shows up very well in daylight. Had no problem picking it up in bright sun at outdoor range. I don't have experience with any other laser.
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