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Latest range trip - VERY disturbing results

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I just got in the ISMI 20# recoil spring and SS guiderod from SpeedShooters so I took my M&P 40 out for another spin at the range.

Extremely disturbing results

I was shooting with the mag short loaded to 10 rounds, using Winchester Value Pack ammo.

At around the third or fourth shot, the magazine started ejecting on it's own without chambering the next round. I had to shove the mag back in and rack the slide to fire the next shot. Every subsequent shot did the exact same thing. If I shot one-handed, the mag literally popped out to the floor. Also got a couple of stovepipes. If I loaded ONE round, it would fire and the mag would not eject, but the slide would not lock back either.

Ok, so it would have been easy to blame the new guide rod and spring, so I switched back to the stock recoil spring and rod and at the same time switched to the second magazine. This did not help because it continued to do the same thing. So, just as an extra test, I tried running a mag full of Federal Hydrashocks through it and the same thing happened. The first two or three rounds would fire properly but from that point on, each shot resulted in the mag popping out on it's own.

I took extreme care to watch my grip and hand placement to make sure I was no where near the mag release button or slide release either.

Brought it home and field stripped it for cleaning and inspection and everything looks ok and seems to work ok when just looking at it and working the parts by hand. Nothing made me think "Hmmm, that does not look right or that does not feel right".

Any suggestions, or it is just finally time to send this lemon back to S&W?
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The next two numbers aren't 56, are they?

No, much lower/earlier than that.
So, are the very early models having this kind of issue? The later serial #'d models are not?? Im just checking due to my PD switching to them and would like to know this ahead of time since I have to re-train everyone in the PD and transition them.

More of a random thing. I have only heard of this one myself.

I have mpa68xx SN with no problems.
Don't forget that people are more likely to look for online forums and complain about anything when there is a problem rather than when there is not. That is one reason it is hard to judge a firearms reliability based on complaints on a forum.
Heard from S&W (well, actually, I called them) concerning my wayward MP with the self-ejecting magazines. Turns out that they decided to replace the gun rather than fix the one I sent back. So, the new gun, they tell me, is in the MPJ serial number range. It is scheduled to arrive here tomorrow afternoon.

Oh man, I hope they got me a decent trigger out of the box this time so I don't have to go through all that dry firing again!
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snscott said:
Oh man, I hope they got me a decent trigger out of the box this time so I don't have to go through all that dry firing again!

Just make a trip to Dan or Bowie Tac to give you a nice trigger.
Ok, my newly framed MPJxxxx series MP40 just returned home. Hooray!

However, near as I can tell, looks like all they did was just take the guts out of my old frame and drop them in a new frame. Trigger feels the same (like mine did after all that dry firing). Frame rails show some wear, etc. Leads me to believe that they didn't really "replace the gun" as the S&W phone rep told me, but instead just gave me a new frame. This means they totally ignored the second part (gritty trigger) of my short "what is wrong" letter I included in the box. They did not include any kind of response letter explaining anything about what they did to address my problems.

They did swap me out to the new style slide release.

So now the frame has a new serial number, but the box is my old original box - so now it does not match the gun. :?

Whatever. As long as it works.

Will be this weekend before I can give it a spin to see. Comptac C-TAC holster I had waiting for it fits it perfectly.
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You sure its the old bits in a new frame? They test fire the guns at the factory and could account for the frame rail wear.

I would just think that odd.
I'm most concerned about the new serial number. In cases such as these, the manufacturer is normally required to destroy the offending frame(firearm) and restamp (or in this case replace the SN plate) with the same serail number so that it matches the serial number on the form 4473 completed by the buyer at purchase. This also makes it legal for the manufacturer to ship the gun back to the owner rather than having to do a transfer through an FFL holder.

With the new serial number and no form 4473 to accompany it, you basically have a firearm that will show shipped by the manufacturer but has no paperwork attached at any point to show who originally purchased it. When we recover a firearm used in a crime, we conduct a trace history on it starting with the manufacturer who tells us which distributer bought it who in turn tells us which gun dealer bought it who then must present the 4473 upon inspection to tell us who the original purchaser was.

I'm sitting next to an ATF agent as I type this and he is scratching his head over the matter.
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I have also recieved a firearm like that, an XD that was replaced by the factory. there must be a loophole somewhere.
You sure its the old bits in a new frame?
I can't really tell for certain other than the trigger is still gritty just as it was when I sent it in (but that could be from the firing pin safety in the slide, which is where the rubbing-grittiness happens I think). It only had 300 rounds through it so there would not have been anything dramatic to compare against.
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