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Let's design a holster for the M&P

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I am toying with some new design ideas and some classics as well.

You tell me what features your holster must have( I am thinking pancake style for OWB, and IWB similar to MS VM2 or W6).
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I would like an IWB similar to the VM2.
Mouth reinforced or not?

On IWB, belt snap loops, kydex clips or option on same holster.
Reinforced mouth with belt snap loops.
I will work on the IWB design over the weekend and post pics, I don't want it to be a carbon copy of the VM2 so there will be some subtle changes, I am working on getting a retention feature patented so that I can offer it on all my holsters.

Anyone else got any ideas that they have wanted but never really found the "right" package?
I think I'm with Yukonglocker, with snaps and reinforced mouth, but having an option to have clips might be nice too.
I've given a new design a lot of thought for quite a while but I have ZERO skills when working with my hands, so....

I think a kydex holster with "J hook" loops fore and aft of the body, fat flap (commonly referred to as a "body shield" or something silly, face it, it is a FAT FLAP that keeps your FAT from flopping all over the firearm!) and a slight gap between the body and the hooks to allow the holster to be worn either inside the waist band or outside. Actually I've drawn this up somewhere but never developed any interest from anyone.

Also have another idea a Sgt freind of mine and I put together; This one is a removable holster that would go either strong side of crossdraw very easily. The belt mount is similar to the mount on a streamlight tactical light and the holster has the picatiny rail or male side of the mount. The holster is designed to be used by those of us with the exciting, exhillerating job of surveillance, cold coffee and stale donuts - gotta love em. you kind of need crossdraw when you spend the majority of your day, or night, seated behind the wheel of a car in some seedy neighborhood in an alley. When we exit the car we want the firearm in the right place, strong side hip. So why not make the holster quick detach like your tac light. Safety is optimum because you don't need to unholster your firearm to move it, but it would be much more comfortable than a paddle holster... Which I can't stand!

See, you should have pity on those that watch the night for 10-16 hours at a time, this is all we have to think about! I've actually got a couple of other ideas about holsters, specifically a retention holster very loosely based on the bianchi carry lock but with a much more positive/natural release that won't effect your grip prior to the draw....

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Been there done that (survelliance).......

why Kydex, it is pretty hard and unforgiving for a long time sitting, I make my own kydex clips for my holsters but I haven't made any kydex holsters yet.

Fat Flap.......I think that will be the new term for sweat shield from hence forth :twisted:
I've always thought "Fat Flap" was a more accurate descriptive term, except for all of those single guys who haven't found a woman who knows how to cook quality food, you know, the guys who still fit into their alpha uniforms without popping the seems.

I've thought kydex would work better because I am less talented at sewing than I am at folding hot plastic. But leather could work, and I actually prefer leather myself. You would need to have a metal reinforced mouth with the metal extending past the edges of the holster to hold the loops. Two holster in one! IWB and OWB! I've also thought of an incredibly simple retention device, sort of a thumb snap without the snap. PM me or maybe call me and I can describe it verbally, not the best typer and I have little patience to spell all of my words right.

PS - I see you were an 8404. Well devil doc, so was I, but I was an 8404/8405 - It is only a reserve NEC and I think they may have done away with it. Anyway, I like those who dressed up like a tree and slept in the mud with my Marines, you will now, if possible, get all of my leather holster business.
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I was also an 8427 but not many know what it means..... :twisted:

For those that are worthy I have this.

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CA PI said:
I think a kydex holster with "J hook" loops fore and aft of the body, fat flap (commonly referred to as a "body shield" or something silly, face it, it is a FAT FLAP that keeps your FAT from flopping all over the firearm!)
I thought that was known as "PT"? :wink:
Does that mean you have the bubble head? Can't say I've seen many recon corpsman that weren't IDTs (8403) first. Congratulations, very difficult from what I understand.

8405 Is an 8404 with a civilian paramedic license.

It would seem we have hijacked your own thread, back the holster...
NousDefions - Yea, PT, that was always fun. But I blew my left knee out in 2000 and had the ligaments reconstructed in '01 and it has never been the same. Did that sound convincing? It is true, but I am still about 30lb on the heavy side. I kinda look at it as built in floatation devices.
So far we have an idea that it needs to be a double offset loop design w/reinforced mouth, similar to the VM2, with some subtle changes.

I have an image in my head that should work..............I can revamp one of my designs to meet the specifications we have so far.

CA PI - as an aside I went from a US Army unit that was Spec Ops qualified to the FMF (still had to go to Corps School and FMSS, along with Combatant Diver, Jump School, BRC and a bunch of other fun things.
I need the fat flap also.
I am working on ridding my body of a lot of fat; but it is going to take a while.
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I'd like an OWB (too much of ME IWB to fit a gun and holster!) similar to High Noon's "snapper" holster, but instead of leather snap straps to secure the holster, how about some sort of flexible plastic, or maybe some type of "J" hook to secure the holster to the belt? I have a Snapper that I had for an XD 45 that works nicely with my M&P, but the straps that snap it onto my belt have "worn in" to the point the holster isn't really all that solid on my belt; I'm thinking that flexible plastic straps (I have a set of belt keepers made of plastic that I got somewhere that would work fine) that would not lose their rigidity would be just the ticket.
The Fat Flap needs to cover the length of the slide, but must allow full access for a firing grip while in the holster. I prefer the ability to adjust both the cant and height at which the holster rides a la FIST (know the one I mean?). "J" clips suck as they rely on the pants to keep the rig from sinking into the pants. I much prefer full-on kydex clips a la Comp Tac (?). Finally, I find IWB's ride better when there is a wide spacing between the belt loops. These are *my* personal preferences. Looking forward to seeing your prototype.
TooCool - That is exactly what I am thinking! I've already got it drawn up. The fat flap is reinforced with metal and has a ledge that goes over the end of the slide, gun snaps in when you holster it, drawing it would be similar to a gun with a snap retention, except with only one side of the snap. The "Belt loops" are actually j hooks and are just far away from the body of the holster to allow the holster to be worn IWB or OWB. Is that about what you were thinking?
Ranger Gunleather added to master holster list for the M&P.
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