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I have a M&P 9F Serial number MPExxxx

I think I have the latest striker version.

Most of the ammo I shoot has harder primers, like IMI, Fiocchi, CCI. I have many Glocks, SIGs and HKs, these primers are never a problem.

With my M&P however, I get occasional light primer strikes, about 6 out of a 1000, I have shot about 4000 already.

So, the M&P striker spring is 5 lbs, Glock striker spring is 5.5 lbs, dimensionally they're very similar; well the one from Glock is about .004" bigger in diameter.

I went ahead and installed the Glock striker spring in my M&P. The trigger pull went up a little bit, all function and safety checks I ran seem to be OK.

Before I take the gun to the range, I'd like to ask: What do you think? Anything unsafe about this idea?

If not, I guess I'll report back after the next 4000 rounds.

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