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IAShooter said:
Anyone having problems with light primer strikes?

I'm having a major issue with some of my reloads.

Could be a bad lot of primers I have also.

Factory ammo seems ok, but I've only put 50 rounds of factory through it so far.


When I got my 40 January 1st "MPA16XX" I had the same problem. Went the route of blaming primers, or my priming technique, had the same problem with new ammo. Tried everything for a couple months. Reloads from the same lots worked fine in my old Sigma. Sent the M&P to S&W, they replaced the barrel and slide. That took care of the light primer strikes. Had to send it back again 4 weeks ago because the firing pin block didn't work. Just got it back in my hands yesterday. They replaced the striker. It is a little different from the last one, and works fine. Shot about 300 rounds yesterday and got my confidence back in it.

Don't take this like I'm complaining, I really like the pistol and have the highest confidence in it now. I would buy another one, but would look for a high serial number to be sure it was one made after the bugs were worked out. I am planning to get a compact M&P 40.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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