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List of what I want done to my MP9. FEEDBACK? SUGGESTIONS?

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I am wanting to dress up my mp9 a little. Right now I am thinking:

- fully shark skin it

- media blast it

- trigger job

I am not totally decided yet and would love any suggestions you might have. What do you think?
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Sounds like a good basic package. Look into sight changes too if you do not like the stock sights.
I don't mind the sights right now. but the main thing is, I am living in canada and I am trying to find out how to ship the dang thing down to the US as I have seen pics of what dan burwell can do!! I have been phoning shipping companies the canadian firearms center, and customs and get no anwers!!!! if there are any canadian members on this forum with some experience in this please chime in!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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