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I have wanted to try the new M&P for some months... but resisted buying one because it was only available in .40kB caliber. Finally the long awaited (but not the even more awaited .45 ACP) chambering showed up. Being somewhat impatient, I bought a M&P 9.

After a brief chat with one of my regular perveyors of pistols I stuck a deal to buy one of the beasts.

I got the gun home and first noticed it did not have the lock hole... Plus one for S&W on this gun. The trigger was a bit gritty and broke around 5.0 pounds or so. Fit and finish is good and the Novak sights are very visable.

The most interesting feature of course is the interchangeable grips to adjust for hand size. My wife and I experimented some and she likes the small grip. Surprise to me was I like the small grip too... it feels a lot like my BHPs in my hand.

That said it was off to the range to try shooting the beast.

Well, I'm back from the range... I took the new M&P 9 along with a fav CZ75b; a well worn but totally reliable BHP; a 1911 in 9mm; two S&W 6906s and a SIG 228. These were for comparisons... forgot a M5904 as well.

The interchangeable grips were of interest and proved so to a number of other shooters at the range. Several shooters tried the M&P and as you might expect different people like different size grips... but all found a size that worked for them. The two women shooters seemed to like the small grip a lot. So, the scalable grips seem like a winner... I would expect this will be just the thing for police depts. with various sizes of hands to fit.

The trigger broke at a fairly crisp 5.0 lbs. more or less. However, when the trigger was reset during firing sequences the trigger seemed significantly lighter.

I fired about 300 rounds through the gun. Ammo fired included federal ball, Winchester ball, my home brew 115gr LRN hand loads (which have proved to be only moderately accurate in most guns I have shot them in... so I'm shooting up stock on hand and will return to the 125gr bullet which is MUCH more accurate) Remington Golden Saber 124gr and Speer 124 gr Gold dot.

The Federal and WIN ball shot to point of aim at 15 yds and was satisfactorily accurate with about 2.5-3" groups. This is certainly satisfactory for 9mm. The 1911 in 9mm was most accurate of the group, FWIW.

The Remington GS HP was the most accurate followed by the Speer, but they were only marginly more accurate...

As to reliability, the gun fired a bit over 300 rounds and didn't have a single malfunction... which is encouraging for a new gun out of the box.

Bottom line, the gun seems to be a good reliable sidearm so far. It is accurate and reliable. Price is right too... $419 with two magazines and a HUGE case.



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Nothing wrong with admitting using small grip.

I find the small grip fits nice and snug, just like my 1911. :wink:

Great Review.

Now Post Some Pix and let us all enjoy.

Btw: Welcome to the forum. Tell your friends about us here.

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