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I am moving soon and in the process of packing, I came across a lot of gear and stuff that could use a good home. Most of it was never used. Something I bought just to try it out, but never ended up using it other than the day I opened it. Most of this stuff just sat in a box. Since I would rather this stuff go to someone who would use it instead of me just throwing it in the trash, everything is name your own price, just cover shipping costs. Pay whatever you think it’s worth. If you think the item is worth just $1 to you, that's fine just cover the shipping. Each item has a description and a link for photos. Each link has multiple photos of the item.

KORE essentials gun belt
I literally bought this to try it out, but it wasn’t for me, and it went back in the box. The buckle didn’t fit my appendix rig. If I carried something other than appendix I would have used it. I never wore it for more than a few minutes, and never even wore it out of the house. It was cut to a size 36” waist, but I think many could get away with even larger. There’s a lot of extra belt that sticks out. Pictures of me wearing it (I’m a 32” waist in jeans). As you can see, a lot of leftover material to work with.

JM Custom Kydex AIWB Wing Claw 2.0 Holster for S&W M&P Shield 9mm/40. Right hand. OD Green. Full sweat guard (flush). With Neoprene Sponge Wedge.
A lot of people love this holster maker but this just wasn’t for me. I never wore it out of the house. It’s basically brand new.

Alpha Concealment Phoenix Appendix carry holster for M&P Shield 9mm/40. Gray. Right Hand.
I carried this for a while until I upgraded to a new holster with a built in magazine carrier. This is still one of my most favorite holsters because it just concealed so well with no printing no matter what I was wearing. I will miss it!

G-CODE Incog Eclipse Appendix Holster for M&P Shield 9mm/40
Black fuzz on Gray kydex. Right hand. Comes with some different hardware so you can mix and match whatever works best for you. This was not a bad holster, but again I upgraded to a holster with a built in magazine carrier. On this one I did straighten out the clip so that it would be flush and not angled. It concealed better for me that way.

Ameriglo CAP Front Night Sight for M&P Shield
This front sight has some marring as you can see in the picture. It was my first time installing pistol sights and I did not file the sight before using the sight pusher, and the sight pusher ended up pushing and bending part of the metal. I think it would still be functional just not the most aesthetically pleasing. You may be able to file down the top part so that it would not be noticeable. Fortunately for me Ameriglo is an amazing company and sent me a free front sight via UPS (also free). So now I have this extra sight sitting around. I do love these sights and they are my favorite for EDC. I prefer this front sight with a blacked out rear sight for EDC and is what I currently carry with no plans to change it!

Trijicon HD XR Orange Night Sights (set) for M&P Shield
I carried these for about a year and they are nice sights, but I found I like the yellow green color of the Ameriglos more. Some people prefer Orange. It comes down to personal preference. These are great sights.
Trijicon HD XR Night Sights M&P Shield Orange

Stock M&P Shield 3 dot white sights (2 pairs)
These are the stock Shield white dot sights. I have 2 pairs. Neither of them were used as I put a different set of sights on the guns from the beginning.
M&P Shield stock 3 dot white sights

Graith Specialist/Mastermind Tactics low profile EDC gun belt, size 34
This is one of the most comfortable, lightest, low profile EDC gun belts on the market, and I’ve tried a bunch. It is stiff where it needs to be, and not where it shouldn’t be. I currently wear the Foundation Belt from Langdon Tactical and it’s very similar. I bought the Foundation belt via a friend’s referral link to help him out, otherwise I’d still be wearing the Mastermind belt.
Graith Specialist Mastermind Tactics gun belt size 34

Wilderness Tactical IFAK ankle pouch/kit
I got this to stow my IFAK items but since I wear slim fit jeans it was just a bit too big for me. If you wear relaxed fit, straight fit, or loose fit pants, this would be great. It’s made in the USA and the quality is top notch.
Wilderness Tactical ankle pouch/IFAK anke kit

7mm Remington Magnum cufflinks
I never wore these, still in the box as you can see. It was a gift from an ex, and we split before I had a chance to wear them. They are pretty badass looking though!
7mm Rem Mag cufflinks

NSR Tactical IWB Kydex holster for M&P Shield 9mm/40.
Right hand. This is a nice holster for 4 or 5 o’clock carry. I never actually carried this. I literally bought it to try it on, and I’m an appendix carry guy so this just wasn’t my thing. So it’s basically brand new and has been sitting in a box.
NSR Tactical IWB holster M&P Shield 9/40

NSR Tactical Ka-Bar TDI Knife Kydex sheath
I never actually carried this so consider it brand new. I bought it to try it out and I ended up going with one from a different holster maker that holds the knife vertically (Alpha Concealment). The NSR sheath is a great way to carry the knife if you prefer horizontal carry. Comes with 2 loops if you prefer that instead of the included clip.
NSR Tactical Ka-Bar TDI Knife Kydex sheath

Stock OEM Ka-Bar TDI Knife Holder
This is the stock sheath that comes with the Ka-Bar TDI knife.
Ka-Bar TDI Knife holder OEM stock

Hidden Hybrid Holster for IWB and OWB, M&P Shield 9mm/40
Right hand. Black. This holster can be carried IWB with clips or OWB with the loops. Just run your belt through the leather holes. I carried this OWB for classes or while out in the wilderness, so the clips are not pictured, but I will include them.
Hidden Hybrid holster M&P Shield 9mm/40 Right Hand
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