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Lurkin for about a month...

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Hello all!

I just joined the M&P family a little over a week ago with my 9c. I have yet to shoot it...patiently waiting to take it out on Monday. My M&P love affair started when I rented a full size .40 at the local range. I was in the market for a carry gun, as I had just gotten my CCW, so I held an M&P9c they had for sale there and loved the feel. While there I rented a G26, and a Kahr PM9. Both felt horrible in my hands. I came to this site and read all of the good and bad and decided that I would give the 9c a go. So now I'm the proud owner of an M&P9c and an MTAC holster (for which I have more than one body

I'm looking forward to all of your advice and to contributing where I can.

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Welcome to the site..
Welcome to the site....Enjoy your new firearm
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Welcome to the forum and the M&P family.
Thanks everyone!
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