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M&P .40 Ammo

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Just purchased a new M&P 40 and am wondering if anyone has enough experience with this gun to suggest the best ammo for it. Thanks in advance for any assistance. :?:
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A lot of people claim the M&P will eat anything.

But, some ammo may not agree with that. I think its not the M&P's fault. Its just some ammos are produced poorly with the wrong specs or lack good QC.

On this forum people have posted problem with Fiocchi and Wolf ammos.

I know enough to stay away from any Wolf ammo, if you value your firearm. :wink:

I did experience some problems first hand with the Fiocchi .40 170 grain FMJ. Out of 100 round of the two 50 round boxes. I had 3 FTF & 2 Light Strike on the stock M&P .40.

So, far I have tried the following without a hitch:

Remington UMC 165 FMJ grain

Winchester 180 grain FMJ white box

Winchester 165 grain FMJ white box

CCI Blazer (brass) 165 grain FMJ

Magtech 155 grain JHP

However, dont take my word for it. Go tried out all the ammo that you likely will use and dont buy bulk until you have found whats reliable for you. :wink:

BTW: welcome to the forum & :arrow:

Check out the Ammo Bunker section. It has some posts on ammo for the M&P
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Winchester White Box is the cheapest target ammo most anywhere. walmart has it in bulk. You'll hear to it refered to as WWB
You should try several types to see how they feel. WWB is by far the best value, but as far as defense ammo I use federal Expanding Full Metal Jackets, And Corbon Powerball.
yep, for home defense, I chose hydrashok, and proceded to run 200rounds through it, Just to make sure that they shot accurately and reliably.

I'm about to run through a case of 165 gr ranger talons to see how they shoot.
thanks, i appreciate the feedback
I am real happy the Fiochi 170 grn. FMJ load. One store around here has it for $7.50/box. Don't have a chrono, but this stuff has some real snap - even compared to the CCI Gold Dots I use for carry. The 170 grn. bullet has the truncated cone profile - which I like for the field and hunting.

Out West
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