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M&P .40 back from MA

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I posted earlier than on my first trip to the range with my M&P .40, after about 200 rounds the magazines began to pop out ever so slightly after about the 12th round in a full mag. It wasn't feeding the next round and obviously had to be pushed back in. This happened after it started on about 5 full magazines in a row. I cleaned the gun and called UPS on Monday. They mailed me a prepaid UPS overnight slip that I got on Thursday. I shipped the gun via UPS Friday, Smith got in on Monday the 12th and I got the gun back TODAY the 16th with a FREE MAGAZINE! I'm VERY impressed to say the least with the level of service they have demonstrated. The description of the work done says:

Repaired: Replaced Mag Catch

Repaired: Inspected/Tested and Passed

Tomorrow I'll take it to the range with high hopes! I really love all three of my M&P's, (full size and compact 9MM as well.)!
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This is great. I just called S&W a couple of days ago to send out a box for my MP40 for the same problem. This is very good news. Thanks guys.
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