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M&P .40 back from MA

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I posted earlier than on my first trip to the range with my M&P .40, after about 200 rounds the magazines began to pop out ever so slightly after about the 12th round in a full mag. It wasn't feeding the next round and obviously had to be pushed back in. This happened after it started on about 5 full magazines in a row. I cleaned the gun and called UPS on Monday. They mailed me a prepaid UPS overnight slip that I got on Thursday. I shipped the gun via UPS Friday, Smith got in on Monday the 12th and I got the gun back TODAY the 16th with a FREE MAGAZINE! I'm VERY impressed to say the least with the level of service they have demonstrated. The description of the work done says:

Repaired: Replaced Mag Catch

Repaired: Inspected/Tested and Passed

Tomorrow I'll take it to the range with high hopes! I really love all three of my M&P's, (full size and compact 9MM as well.)!
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Just got my M&P 40 back today having sent it back for the same issue with the mags dropping out while shooting. Pretty fast work, they got it on Thursday & i get it back on Wednesday.

Looks like they replaced the mag catch. I took a look at the new catch to see if there was any differance I could notice and here's what I saw;

On the new catch the metal tab that contacts & holds the mag in is black in color & not silver like the old one. The new one is flat on both sides, the old one had wear marks where the mag contacted it forming a "dip" in the metal making the tip of the catch thiner ... almost like a ramp or point.

So I wonder if the wearing down of the catch is what caused the mags to drop.?.? Not sure if the new catch is a differant type of metal or not though. I did see a scratch in the black finish of the tab where the mag rests .. prob from the test fire. I'll have to keep an eye on it and see if the new one wears like the old did.
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