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I was at the range today shooting my M&P 40 and Walther P22. A young girl maybe about 19 or so and her boyfriend and some other guy came out to shoot a 22 pistol. After I ripped the center out of a bullseye target with the Walther they came over and wanted to look it over. The girl wanted to shoot it and she proceeded to tear the bullseye out as well. First time shooter to boot.

But, her boyfriend told me she was scared of the larger calibers, and I said nonsense I can get her to shoot them. So I asked her if she wanted to shoot the M&P 40 (which BTW by switching my mag release to the other side has solved my mag drop problem for now). After assuring her it was not a big recoil I loaded one round and one bowling pin. Bang! Bolwing pin down. To make a long story short, I could not get my M&P back from this girl. She went through a complete box of Blazers and knocked down every bowling pin on each shot!

After she missed her first bolwing pin at maybe 30 times, I told her it was probably because she was getting tired (trying to save what was left of my ammo).

Needless to say it is always good to see young people leave the range with a smile on thier face. She had out shot her boyfriend and I know he is going to hear that for a long time to come - because she took her targets home as well!
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