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My personal take is that the 5" XDs pretty much suck, if you get one go with a 4" model as the shortcomings are more balanced out.

This is because the XD has a high bore axis to begin with. Then they throw a lot of metal into the slide. Which are strikes against the design in general.

Then for the 5" model, they extend the slide and in doing so stick a bunch of extra metal up front. Not necessarily a bad thing in most guns, but it's a lot of weight, and due to the design of the gun, even the metal aorund the guide rod is kind of high. There's an extra quarter pound out front over the 4" model, it's all reciprocating mass, and most of it is above where you'd like the bore axis to be (but isn't). The net result is a VERY flippy gun. Much worse than the 4" model. Haven't tried the .45, but have tried the .40. Don't see why the .45 would be much different other than swap some flip for some torque.

The XD compact really isn't bad even with the high bore axis. At least in 9.
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