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Purchased a new M&P40 a week ago and finally got my first chance to shoot it on Saturday. I took 150-rounds of Blazer Brass 180gr FMJ to the range along with a well lubed and clean weapon. I am shying away from WWB with my M&P's due to my experiences with my M&P9.

From 7-yards, I was able to punch out the center of a Sig X-five target with a partially loaded 10-rounds. The pistol was a consistent grouper all day, as long as I did my part. After determining the basic accuracy of the pistol, I proceeded to heat things up a bit. The second and third magazines, each topped off, were shot as fast as I could accurately place a round on paper. Overall 31-rounds in about 35-seconds without a hiccup - trying to force a malfunction. Wasn't successful in forcing any type of malfunction on this weapon. The pistol did heat up but that was to be expected as one would assume. The rest of the day was spent punching paper at various distances out to 20-yards, shooting at a pie plate size target (if you're familiar with the Sig X-five target). My average group opened up to around 2.5 in. at 20-yards and this was off hand slow fire shooting. Not bad, the weapon is very accurate and to date proving to be reliable.

As for the trigger, I find the M&P triggers to be fine out of the box, although I've been shooting Glocks for many years so perhaps I'm conditioned to a gritty trigger. After about 500-rounds my M&P9 feels as good as my G17 with a #3.5 connector - so they do smooth out over time. The first 50 or so rounds out of the M&P40 were a little gritty but quickly became unnoticeable. I'm sure after a few more rounds (couple of hundred) the M&P40's trigger will be as smooth as the M&P9. Time will tell.

Overall, I experienced 150 trouble free rounds out of this pistol without issue. I was a skeptic at first given my first range experience with the M&P9; however, this has since went away as well. I can consistently shoot these pistols as accurately as any of my Glocks and let me tell you, I've shot and own many Glocks and currently compete with a G17 on a routine basis. I'm even considering replacing my G17 with the M&P9 for a couple of IDPA matches (who know's?)

This is not meant to be a comparison between the S&W and Glock pistol line-up, I am only making comparisons between the pistols that I have experience with and that I own. I'm an avid Glock fan and rapidly becoming an M&P fan and believe that both pistols are well suited for personal defense, home defense, and competition shooting for those who partake in such a sport. To date, I've witnessed a couple M&P's in IDPA matches and expect this to increase in the years to come.

Sorry for a lack of pictures!
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