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M&P .40 range report!

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Went to the range today and shot 200 rounds of 180 grain WWB and 150 rounds of 180 grain CCI Blazer. Not one problem
! I got pretty much all the rounds in a 12" target at 15yds. Practice, practice, practice :oops: . With four mags and the speed loader, I was flying through ammo
. I had about four people come over and "ooh, aah" 8) . Now they want one.

Now I have to clean a very dirty pistol. I might shoot another 100 tommorrow.

I'll see if I can post pics.
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Every time I read something like this, I want one even more. Glad you like your M&P. I'm working over-time because I know Santa ain't getting me an M&P, so I hope to make it a "Merry X-mas" from me, to me.
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BTW, how's the recoil on that gun, anyway for you?
Folks like you are making it tuff for folks like me who are holding out for the .45!
Shot another hundred today. My hit area is getting smaller
. I have 200 rounds that I might shoot tommorrow.

Total rounds fired: 450.

Days owned: 3.
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Military Power,

Thanks for the great report. What loader ar you using?

I use the HKS 940 speed loader.

I now have 700 rounds through it and there is a noticable difference in my marksmanship. I can now hit the eight inch targets at 12-15 yards, with most being center mass 8) . I was using 12" targets and shooting all over :oops: .

I shot some 165 grain the other day and I prefer it over the 180.
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