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M&P .40C Magazines in Stock

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I ordered 2 .40C magazines from S&W some time back. They were back ordered. I got word this morning that they were shipped yesterday, should arrive on the 4th.
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I recieved the two that I ordered from S&W on Monday. I noticed that the followers on those was slightly different from the ones I got with my 40c. S&W didn't seem to know why this was (or that they were even different). I would be interested to know if you notice the same when you get yours.

It seems like the change may have been made to aid in feeding, but I am not sure.
That's great news!

I've become increasingly concerned over the lack of parts and magazines. It seems like Brownells and everyone else is back ordered on just about everything and finding mags is hard enough...paying almost $40 each is even harder.
Face747, my folowers are slightly different from those in the original magazines also. The raised portion on the left side is almost straight across on the original magazines, but has about a 45 degree angle on the new ones. I assume its an improvement.


That was my assumption too. I did think it was odd that S&W customer service had no idea that there was a change, although they said sometimes they are not told about small changes. I had posted this topic earlier:

There's pics in there of mine, but it sounds like yours are the same as what mine are.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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