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M&P 45 compact

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Any word on S&W releasing a compact 45?
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I'm willing to wait. I'm glad the M&P has been doing so well for S&W. It really is a great series of pistols. I've got no interest in the 357SIG version, mostly because I have no reason to add another chambering to my collection, I have no doubt it is an effective round. I don't need a M&P45c, I'm in the position of having way more guns than I need and not nearly as many as I want.

Still, what I would like:

M&P45 Compact, manual safety, magazine safety, Trijicon Novak night sights, and a flush fit magazine that holds at least 7 rounds. I wonder if my dream will come true?
10mm Sonny said:
I bet it comes out before the HK-45.

And the Beretta PX-4 Subcompact

Oh, and the HK P-30
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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