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M&P 45 or SA 1911?

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So, I figure this one is bound to come up. I'm trying to decide between a 1911, likely a Springfield TRP and an M&P 45. I have the 9mm full size M&P but really want something in 45. It seems like the 1911 might be more concealable due to a flatter profile and everybody I know who has a 1911 says that they are nail drivers and about as accurate as a a semi-auto can get. On the other hand, I have no complaints about the M&P. Any thoughts on this one?
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The only pistol i like more than an M&P is a 1911, I love how flat they are.

I carry a 40c or a Commander depending on my mood that day.

You posed a truly difficult question, that only you can answer.

As for accuracy, I'm sure that they both will outshoot the person pulling the trigger. Its still up in the air on how well the M&P will tame the recoil, but if its like the 9mm and 40 then it will be a kitten.
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I'm a 1911 devotee for some of the reasons already mentioned. No matter how well the M&P feels, shoots and handles, the 1911 - well, my lightly custom TRPs and Thunder Ranch Special - do it better and conceals better to boot. That said, I love the M&P. In the .45 ACP platform it makes less sense FOR MY PURPOSES compared to the 9mm verssion except for when I'm off of the beaten path - kayaking, canoeing, hiking, hunting, etc. But those relatively few occasions are often enough that I purchased it and paid $529 + tax for it with night sights.

For the money, the M&P is a fine direct comparator to a 1911, but I'm under no illusion that the performance of my 1911s (albeit much more expensive than the M&P) is surpassed (at least for me).

So pick the one you can most comfortably afford. And if the opportunity arises you can then pick up the other. They are alike and very different.


The Blackhawk Serpa for the Glock 21 will fit the M&P45 just fine.
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I live in Phoenix, AZ. Most of the time the weather is pretty warm. My new carry gun is a MP 40c. But when it is cold enough to wear a jacket I like to hide the Kimber.

I have fondled the new 45 a bit and it is nice. I have not shot it yet. im sure either way you will be happy.


I love 1911's, and I just picked up an M&P 45.

You can't go wrong with either IMO.
I was looking at M1911 models for quite a while before I ended up at the M&P 45. Why? Cost. For the features I want on an M1911, and the quality, it would be quite a bit more of an investment which I simply can not afford right now. With the M&P, you can get a lot of nice features for a good price that would only equal a lot of "basic" M1911s from good manufacturers. In the end though, it is up to you. :wink: - Colt

More bullets is the name of the game, and if you limit yourself to 7-9 bullets you better be DAMN GOOD.

If you got to choose a 1-on-1 fight the 1911 might suffice, but you don't choose your battles. Hell, 7 well placed .45's might not bring down ONE crackhead. Pistols suck.

Basically I believe that any single stack, non-backup pistol is obsolete regardless of caliber, Except for those who require, and can milk, extreme accuracy out of a pistol and need a tuned 1911 (as in hostage rescue).

But then again its all up to the person whose ass is in the sling. Just my honest opinion.
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Eric_45 said:


I love 1911's, and I just picked up an M&P 45.

You can't go wrong with either IMO.

I agree! I don't have the M&P in .45 yet but an M&P 9mm "kit" is on order. Oh, and I only have 3 1911's. The 1911's just fit like a glove.

You're not gaining much in firepower (2 rounds in 10+1 M&P vs. 1911 w/ 8 rd mags + 1?). If firepower is what you want stick with the 9mm or .40.
14 rd mags are in the works from what I hear
MNPvsG said:
More bullets is the name of the game, and if you limit yourself to 7-9 bullets you better be DAMN GOOD.

1. More bullets is great... if you plan on missing your shots.

2. Carry an extra magazine, or two! Carrying an extra makes you an optimist.

Regardless of which sidearm I am carrying, I never leave home w/o a spare magazine either in my pants pocket or in a weak-side belt carrier. I don't go to the extreme of carrying a backup gun, but I do carry more than one mag of ammo and you should too.
PS... between the two you listed, I'd say 1911. The M&P is a great weapon, but the 1911 is superior in everything but capacity. The cure for needing more capacity is training yourself to hit what you aim, and carrying an extra mag or two.
Capacity is a nice thing, but should NOT be the deciding factor. This is especially true when comparing a 1911 to the MP. The difference of 2-3 rounds is not that significant to sacrafice other more important things. If we were looking at say a 6 shot or something, then you may want to decide if the trade off is worth it. The MOST important thing to consider is your ability to shoot it, and the comfort that is coupled to that ability. If, for whatever reason, you cant hit water from a boat with a particular gun no amount of bullets is going to help you. If you are uncomfortable shooting a praticualr gun, you wont practice which means your skills will degrade and you wont hit what you need to. Buy the gun that you can comfortable shoot well and you will have a winner. The 1911 platform is a well proven one, but does carry some quirkiness here and there. The MP line is proving to be solid, so I cant see you going wrong with either if they fit you and your needs.
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If you want the best of both worlds IMO go for the H&K USP .45 in Var 1. Cocked and Locked or decocker.
Less recoil, more accurate, my M&P 45, compared to a Taurus 1911 PT 45. I never have been a 1911 fan , had one as an MP in the Army while in Germany.
Well, I've decided to go with the M&P 45. My M&P 9mm is the first handgun that I have shot extensively and other auto-loaders just don't quite feel right. I shot a full size glock 45 with a 3.5 lb trigger and it was incredibly accurate and great to shoot. I figure if I get that same style gun in the m&p series without the "chunky" Glock feel it'll be great. I shot a full size Kimber rental 1911 and didn't really like it too much. I can definitely see why the 1911 has been around so long, great design, just not quite what I was looking for. Extra capacity isn't much of an issue, I'd have no problem carrying a .357 magnum with moon clips once I'm a bit more handgun experienced. That said I ordered an M&P 45 today with night sights and it'll be here on Wednesday. It's going to be a long three days.
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Though one.

I have to say get 1911 first. Then get M&P 45 later.

I have 2 1911's, and love both. Thinking I'll get M&P45 when my local guy gets one in.

I wonder if I should trade my M&P9mm for it or keep it, and get 45...
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You made a good choice

1911's are great weapons...but you now have two pistols that operate the same...always a plus...
I'd definitely keep the M&P 9mm, I'll never get rid of mine, even though I now have the 45. I figure it's always good for practice and maybe in the future it can become a girlfriend or sister loaner. I went for the same configuration of no internal lock, no mag disconnect and no external safety. That way I won't forget to switch the safety off when the adrenaline is pumping or forget which one won't fire with the mag when I'm in the clutch.
Do what I did and get both.

I trade my old S&W 915 in on the M&P45 and bought a Rock Island Armory Tactical 1911, I was out less then $700 for the pair. I am in HOG heaven to say the least.
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IMHO one of the main things that sold me on my M&P.40 was it feels like a 4" 1911 in my hands. I use the same grip and have had the trigger brought down to 4lbs to match my 1911's. I have yet to see my 45 M&P come thru my dealers door sadly, but then I've gone thru a few eye problems in the past months and was basicly blind for 3 months out of the past 6. Thank god for the "force"

I was planning on trading my .40 for the .45 as was my deal with Jerry (my dealer) but now I'm so attached I'll just buy one outright.
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