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M&P 9 - 400 rounds

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Shot about another 150 rounds today of WWB 115 gr. FMJ and Federal 124 gr. HST. Shot some real nice groups. I'm used to the trigger pretty well now and this gun is just a plain good shooter. Practiced some one handed shots and was still able to keep it tight with my strong (right) hand, and wasn't too bad with my left either. Gun ran flawless no matter how I shot it. It's very easy to get back on target doing speed shots. I'm using the large backstrap. Just thought I'd post another report.
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I was surprised how well I could shoot the M&P right hand only at 25 yards. I had no problem keeping them in the black my first time out. Still need to work on the left hand only, since I was off to the right and upper right with it at 25 yards.
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