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First, let me say this is my second pistol, and I'm just finding shooting as a sport again after 15 years so take whatever I say with a grain of salt because I've got no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

From NIB, I ran about 250 rounds through in 2 sessions after the first cleaning and about 100 dry-fires. Shot well, but a little low and to the right. There's certainly a sweet spot on that trigger, although I think the geometry of the trigger could be a little better. It tends to pull down using just the pad of my finger. Had to move the trigger in a little bit towards the first joint to get a straight pull back. No malfunctions of any kind on my run.

My wife, however, is just learning to shoot, and she had 1 stovepipe, 4 ftf's in 30 rounds. Don't worry brothers, this is her bad grip, nothing more.

My hands are average sized but with long fingers. The large swell feels good, but I shoot better with the medium. I'm thinking of doing a little carving on that large grip to get something that's just right.

Kick was a little excessive in the first 50 rounds or so, then smoothed out rather well after around 200. Recoil spring is still a little too tight. Shoots better than my buddy's 1911 Para 9, feels better than my Ruger P90.

Funny thing, I got home from the first range trip, sulked for two days, then sold my p90. $100 toward more 9mm ammo, $100 toward an M&P .45. Took a big hit on that, but it was worth it, I guess.


7.3L Turbo Diesel

M&P 9

Savage/Stevens Crackshot 26
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