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Fired 150 rounds from my M&P 9 at an indoor range for the first time. I was shooting fairly quickly so the gun did not have much time to cool. No problems at all...Unless you count being at the indoor range a problem.

Here in Hawaii there's pretty much one indoor range for civillian use; and it's a total rip-off. Not only that, it's run by a greedy pake that doesn't know much about the guns he is charging an arm and a leg for. Basically, most gun enthusiasts stay away from his place as if it's a Mosque in the middle of Baghdad.

The public range we have is OK, but there are a lot of stupid rules that make practicing for self-defense pretty much impossible. Basically, you can't load more than five rounds at a time and rapid firing is a definate no-no. The minimun distance is also 25 yards...hooray!

Sorry for the rant, but I feel like a sinner!

That makes it about 1000+ rounds with no malfunctions. Can't wait until I can pick up my M&P 40. The M&P shoots so well that I wish I could shoot at a proper indoor range more often.
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