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Hey Guys,

I’ve been working on hand loads for my M&P 9mm full size for over a month now. In watching the different forums, it seems like folks ask the same questions about load development over and over again. Believe me I’m searched and read.

So I figured I’d share my trials and tribulations with everyone, hoping to help some folks out in learning the black voodoo magic of reloading / load development for the M&P 9mm.

Let’s get this out of the way first…..

Disclaimer: By downloading and viewing the spreadsheet below, I’m not in any way to be held responsible if you use this load information and something bad happens. Got it?!?!? Please consult many (more the better) load books, and manufactures web sites to compare data before you roll your own. Please be careful.

So here we go!

Partial list of my reloading equipment:

Hornady LNL AP Press

Hornady Dies

Hornady LNL Powder Measure with Case Activated Drop

Hornady Pistol Rotor and Pistol Micrometer Insert

RCBS Rangemaster 750 Electronic Scale

Redding Powder Trickler


Competitive Edge Dynamics CED M2 Chronograph

First chronograph screen (start screen) placed at a measured 10’ from muzzle.


The range I shoot at is located approximately 350’ above sea level.

All shooting is done outside.

All targets shot from a very sturdy table and sand bags.

All targets were shot at a measured 30 feet from muzzle.

Supplies used:

Zero and Rainier Bullets: 147, 125, and 115gr’s in weight

Hodgdon Powders: Power Pistol, Titegroup, Universal Clays, and Clays.

Winchester Powder: W231

Winchester Small Pistol Primers used for all loads.

Mixed Cases

Note: All cases were retrieved and examined for over pressures, no signs of over pressure were found.

Resources used:

Nosler #5 - Book

Hornady #6 - Book

Hornady #7 - Book

Sierra 50th Anniversary Pistol - Book

Sierra Suite - Software

Speer 12th - Book

Lyman 48th - Book

Hodgdon Website - Online Data


Spreadsheet was created in Microsoft Excel (XLS format), so you’ll need Excel in order to view the file.

On the spreadsheet you’ll basically see two areas, left and right. On the left side under the maroon color, is the LOAD TYPE. Meaning the load recipe, including my notes (popup comment bubbles) and a clickable URL to view the target. If the load made a minimum power factor of 125 for 9mm in USPSA (bullet weight * average velocity / 1000), the number in the POWER FACTOR column is black in color.

On the right side under the dark blue color, you’ll find the chronograph results for the particular load. All targets were shot with 5 shot groups. You’ll notice a few results colored in black, which means there is missing data for that load, and they will have to be re-shot when I get time.

The first three loads on the sheet are Winchester White Box (WWB), for a comparison.

If you examine the targets, you’ll notice a wide variety in bullet groups, some of which are really tight, others look like a shotgun blast. My goal in this project is to find a smooth, reliable, light’ish load which is very accurate. Then I can work on me!

I still have many more combinations to load up, mostly with the 115gr Rainier’s. I’ll keep updating the spreadsheet on the server, so check the REVISION DATE at the top.

The spreadsheet can be found by clicking HERE

Hope this helps someone.

All the best!

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