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I got back from the range this evening with my M&P FS 9mm. Here is my report . I'll keep it simple...

200 rounds of 9mm 115 gr Blazer Brass

ZERO Malfunctions :twisted:

Not a single FTF, FTE, FTRB.

BUT! My slide was not locking back after the last round on a few occasions. This could be related to low pressure loads in some of the rounds, a dirty follower or just magazine break in. I'll be keeping note of this for future range reports.

Now here is the product of 9mm from the M&P. Please take into consideration that this is my first DAO polymer pistol.

I fired the M&P several ways. Isoceles, strong side and double tap.

First target...

Second hand

Third target is my double tap target at 21 feet. It says 1 flyer but the bullet might've went through another hole. And yes, the shots were strangely symmetrical. BTW. One unintentional head shot

Fourth target is double tap one handed/point shooting @ 21 feet.

I wanted to see if I could hit the bad guy in his gun hand so here it is...21 feet with one hand.

Finally this is my target that I took my time with.

Overall it was a joy to shoot. Like I said no FTFs, FTE or FTRB. During my run there were many times several shots went through the same hole or within a size of a quarter. Very surgical. Double taps were pleasant and recoil was VERY manageable(I'm used to shooting .45 so that helps). I might have to get a Hogue wrap around grip. The polymer frame was a tad bit too smooth, but I think because it was freezing in the range it made handling a bit difficult. My hands weren't producing any oils.

I was never a fan of S&W's semi autos in the past, but this pistol has changed my mind. This was $400 well spent. BTW, I have a serial number prefix of MPX. I'm assuming this one was made recently.
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