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M & P 9mm versus Springfield XD 9mm compact

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I am trying to decide whether to get an M&P 9c or a Springfield XD 9mm SC. Does any one out there have both of them? Which is best for concealed carry? Can I use one holster for both pistols?

They cost the same--$499 around here, but with the Springfield, you get the holster, loader and mag holder.
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You probably picked the wrong board to ask the question....

Couple of things: One of the guys just bought an XD. He is a very good shooter (IDPA) with a fast draw. He was drawing his new XD from the "free" holster and turned and said "this holster SUCKS." I told him "There's a reason it's free." If you just need something to "tote" the holster at the range, the free one is probably okay. For me, a good holster and good mag pouches add to the pleasure of owning and carrying the pistol. With the exception of ONE 1911 mag holder, I regret every penny I ever spent on cheap holsters and mag holders.

Which gun? Try the trigger, including re-set, on both. Shoot them if you can.
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XD9 has one advantage

You get an Extend clip that brings your Subcompact gun to 16 rounds!!! That's the only advantage I see. I am planning to buy one myself soon. Subcompact XD 9mm!
Not a big fan of rust so opted for the M&P!
I actually posted the same question on here before if you do a search. After handling them both thoroughly it is no competition. I really don't care for the way the XD feels, particularly with the hi-cap mag. The only thing I do like better about the XD is the trigger. Out of the box you don't get that gritty feel. However, with a little bit of work, some use, and maybe a trigger job, the MP trigger is smooth as silk. For me, this makes it the all around package.
I tried an XD with the Canyon Creek trigger job for the first time the other night. Man, it was great, almost too great for carry. That trigger job cost a lot more than a Burwell or other M&P job, we'll see how it compares when my M&P gets worked over.

STi, I heard the XDs started using Armory Kote (Springfield's poly finish) and it solved the rusting problem, or that was the internet rumor I heard. Still doesn't beat the dark finished Melonite on the M&P slide for looks in my personal taste. I have an A-Kote TRP, the M&P Melonite is darker and has even less reflection. Don't know about wear yet.
Not a big fan of rust so opted for the M&P!
XD's all use Melonite now. :roll:

Side by side, I can't see much (if any) difference in the finishes between my MP and my XD (other than my XD does not have those odd little "circles" in the finish like the MP. Which some claim is a side-effect of the Melonite treatment -- obviously untrue, or every Melonite treated gun would have them, and not even every MP has them).

Color and reflectivity wise, they are virtually identical.

Bought my XD9 back in June and haven't seen any rust yet. So, even though Springfield addressed the issue as of April of this year, there are still people out there claiming XD's are prone to rust. At one time it was apparently true, but it is not any more.
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As far as the finish and rusting goes, all XD's are being made with the Melonite finish on them (since about April '06) so the rusting of the XD seems to be a thing of the past. Both of the guns you are considering should be reliable choices and I don't think you could go wrong. My personal choice would be the M&P because of how it feels in my hand. The XD SC feels a little bulkier in the grip area and seems to be a little top heavy. Go with what feels and shoots best to you. They both have lifetime warranties to provide a little peace of mind. If you are leaning towards the XD because of the "free" holster and mag carrier ask to look them over before using that as your decision maker. Having owned XDs that came with the free XD Gear, I can tell you that the mag carrier is decent and usable, but the holster is not worth much other than range use. If you're planning on using this gun for CCW, it will not be of use for that.
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Well I believe they are both excellent pistols.

But. Living in the Detroit area where everyone seems to be losing jobs for foriegn makers. I opted for the American made S&W.
The safety and other levers are not Melonite and are still rusting!
Finish on my XD levers and grip safety looks indistinguishable to that one the slide, at least to my eyes. Maybe, maybe not. I thought there was a general problem with ANY small part not being amenable to the Melonite process because the heat involved tends to make small parts warp. If that is the case, the levers on the MP would probably not be Melonite treated either.

However, as I said, had mine since June and my levers and grip safety are showing no signs of rust either.

I have been carrying it in an IWB holster and quite often at the end of the day when I take it out it will have a few spots of sweat accumulated here and there that I would simply wipe off. So, it has not been in a moisture-free environment either. So I would think if the XD was "prone to rust", that mine would have by now.
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