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M&P and IDPA

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So, how many of you are using an M&P with a mag disconnect for IDPA? I had placed an order for one without the mag disconnect, but the day after my order the California DOJ revised which models of M&P were allowed to be sold here, so only ones with Mag Disconnects are legal.

I wish I could remove the mag disonnect in the new one I purchased, but I understand that is a violation of IDPA rules.
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Last Thusday (11/30). The DOJ approved list was modified 12/1, so any pistol DROSed after 12/1 should have a mag disconnect. Don't know what to tell you about your pistol- maybe your FFL will be understanding. Otherwise, you may have to work something out with Buds for a return.
ysued said:
Do you "NEED" to have the Mag Safety Installed??

Can you take it out??

It is easily taken out, and instructions have been provided by Dan Burwell. Basically all that you need is a replacement spring, costing about $4. However, IDPA rules state that no safety device shall be disassembled or deactivated. So removing the mag safety should likely be a violation of IDPA rules even though there may be another person on the line that has no mag safety from the factory. Somehow, their pistol is safe, and your modified one is illegal (no less safe).
Therein lies the rub. Unless the RO knows the M&P pistol lineup, he may not be able to tell the difference. However, the pistols that come from the factory without a mag disconnect have a warning to the effect of "Caution: Pistol is capable of firing without a magaine" etched on the slide. If you know what you are looking for, then you can tell the difference.
Well then, so did mine :wink:
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