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M&P and XD - Strength Comparison

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Comparison between M&P and XD

I'm a real XD fan. I still carry my XD 40, as I am very used to handling that pistol. About six months ago I found a pistol that could challenge the XD from my perspective: the M&P40. So I purchased it for my daughter as a graduation gift. She is going into LEO work eventually. This affected my choice for her.

Here are my impressions after owning both pistols for a while:

BOTH Strengths:

Both pistols feel good in my hands. The grip on the XD is awesome. But the M&P still has the edge - because it is adjustable-awesome.

M&P Strengths:

  • It is more durable (if that is possible) (The XD is tough enough!)
  • The slide will not rust (My XD slide will if not cared for carefully.)
  • The chasis system is very good. (XD has rail tabs that are polymer in the back. Don't know if that's a problem. Some guys swear that it is not.)
  • The slide is through hardened. (XD? Case or Through?)
  • Interchangeable palmswells!
  • The trigger is very nice (like it better than the XD)
  • The magazine release button is the most comfortable I have ever felt. Easy to use too.
  • 15 rounds versus 12 on the XD.
  • No failure to feed issues. (On the XD, I had issues with FTF, sent back to factory, they fixed it. Has been OK since. Many others have experienced FTF initially on the XD 40.)
  • The slide stop is impossible to activate accidentally.

    • The XD Strengths:

      • Loaded chamber indicator that pops up
      • The XD grip safety has saved me from potential shirt-tail holstering trigger pulls. The M&P will not be so forgiving in this regard. But if the choice is interchangeable palmswells OR grip safety, but not both, then I will take the interchangeable palmswells.
      • The XD can dry fire without a magazine.
      • The slide stop is much easier to operate. But this can be a problem too, if my thumb presses it accidently (before the mag is empty).
      • Serrations on the front of the slide for gripping the front cycling the slide. (Don't try this on an M&P - you will burn your fingers!)
      • XD support and resources. S&W is really good about support, but their customer service doesn't even have a part list yet! The XD has been around a while, and there a lot of vendors that sell product for this pistol. The M&P is still too new in this regard. And S&W needs to get more aggressive in supporting the M&P with accessories (just my opinion)
      • The existence of the XD 45 ACP model. I wonder if S&W will try this in the M&P?

        • The M&P strengths seem to be much more significant to me than the XD strengths. Overall, I think the M&P will be a more durable gun. Either gun is good. But the M&P, I think, is a superior firearm.

          When S&W and other vendors start beefing up the accessory part of the business relative to the M&P, then this will be one superior package from nearly every perspective. But, even without the support network built up, I still heavily recommend the M&P.

          So, after having purchased the M&P, I still think that it was a wise purchase - compared to purchasing another XD. This is one pistol that will seriously challenge the XD, Glock, and other polymers.


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The M&P is still a brand new platform, I believe in time the aftermarket will start filling the voids we are seeing.
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