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M&P at TDI day 2, make that day 3

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Am at TDI for a 3 day 1800+ round handgun course. Instead of a 1911 I brought my 2 M&P 9mms. Only shot 400 rounds today as we spent the first half of the day in the classroom. Only had 1 failure in the 400 rounds, a FTE with S&B ammo. That makes 9 FTEs in the first 1700 rounds, this is the first with something other than WWB. John Brenner and David Bowie are instructing using M&Ps. I was a great pleasure talking face to face with David. Very personable and free sharing his knowledge. It was also a great pleasure and honor training with him and the other fine instructors at TDI. I shot David's personal M&P .45, I have got to get one of these worked over by him, not to mention my 2 9mms.
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Nice! I can't wait to hear an AAR from the class.
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