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M&P compact/ info

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I got the OK from S&W to post these!!!

The 9mm compact has been shipping for 3 weeks.

The fullsize .357 sig they are projecting aroung aug.

The .40 compact pending R&D hoping around shot show, but could be alot later.

And the .45 they are looking at later this year also.

BTW, Smith and Wesson are watching!

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I just cant wait for the 40S&W to come out. Not into the 9mm too much.
is it any thinner then the standard mp9/40? because i believe the glock 36 is their one and only slim line models of the block, er glock
not sure, I would bet that its just a little brother like the XD series.
Now that is one good looking sub-compact pistol. I like it better than the XD. It's proportions are very attractive. I never even considered one for purchase myself - that is until now.

For comparison:

Also: Is that mag extension standard issue? I would not use one of these little guys without it.

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This isn't a "Compact," it is a "Sub-Compact."

The only thing keeping me from ditching my Glock 19 as my primary carry weapon is the fact that the M&P is a hair too long and a hair too tall. If/When S&W makes a true compact 9mm to compete with the G19, I will switch over in a heartbeat.

The Sub Compact variant of full size pistols never do it for me- they are too large to throw in one's pocket so you still end up needing to holster them at which point, why not step up to the G19 size to get far better ergonomics, velocity and capacity?
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The M&P9 compact has been shipping for 3 weeks? I spoke w/the S&W District Sales Manager yesterday..he didn't even have a SKU# for it.???

HE hadn't even seen a sample yet....just curious.
Thats what I was told, I'll post up who I talked to when I get home.

Got the info from Jeff Whitehouse(sp) good guy, we talked for about 20 min on the phone. BTW he is a sales guy at Smith.

..Jeff is in Customer Service, not in Sales
I just don't have the funds for the 9mm. :-k I'm gonna hold out for the 40.
i cant decide if i wanna get the nine to replace mine or wait for the .40 and have more clips - options that are comp. grrr the choices.. my every day carry is a .380 kel-tec, the .40 comes with me 4-5 days out of the week.

so anything smaller is welcome!
been carrying the ful size .40 for a couple of months-like it just fine for concealed carry
my buddy just said he seen one in foster gun shop orlando, fl for about $500!!!! sweet!
mad212 said:
my buddy just said he seen one in foster gun shop orlando, fl for about $500!!!! sweet!

Great news!!!
the Smith rep for MI was in our shop this AM and told us they have not been shipped or even had an SKU # assigned yet
I talked to my contact at RSR Group (one of the largest S&W distributors) he said no SKU yet and no sign of it. I have my name on the top of his list when they get them though.
I like the new compact, but I hope they leave off the rear piece, it seems kinda gimmicky, include it as a seperate tool but don't stick it on the grip for goddness sakes. I also hop there is a more flush fit mag bottom as well as the extended. Overall, nice job. I can't wait for a .45 version. Strong work S&W!
ima head down there tommorow and snap a pic. i might put it on lay-away too who knows.
just got back from fosters, and he didnt have it. my buddy most of mistaked it for the compact 990l or something. Fosters is a auth dealer of s&w, so he called it in and was told most likely dec. He also said that a dist rep was coming tommorow to talk to the sales/customer service reps (the guy on the phone), and they may annouce it then.
That is really slick looking. Looks like S&W actually tried to make it fit a human hand. Smith is doing a great job right now.
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