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M&P Compact vs. M&P Fullsize (Both in 40)

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I currently have a 9mm in the Fullsize but am looking to migrate over to a 40. Originally I had full intentions of going with the compact but now I can't decide. First, I can't afford to get both to preempt that response. :wink: This gun is going to be my carry but I also go to the range as regularly as possible. I have put both in my Crossbreed holster and very much prefer the feel of the compact but both are concealable. The fullsize is much easier to draw and the 40 fullsize recoil is very controllable. I can only speculate how the compact 40 will be, I presume similar to a 990 compact 40 which I have no problem controlling.

Fullsize Pros: Recoil, draw speed (at least until I'm used to the compact), price, and accuracy (I'm guessing)

Compact Pros: Concealability, and it's mighty cool (lol)

Any thoughts?
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Just quit doing this to your self... Go M&P 40 compact, and don't look back. If you want a 40 full size and you don't like the compact, I'll trade you my target M&P.

Stick to your M&P 40 compact!
I carry my compact only now and it is comfy with the shorter grip length and weight. However, for a range gun or serious work gun I would take my full size anytime. Hard choice.

I would recommend keeping your fullsize until you can afford a compact and a fullsize.
Not an easy decision, and you are the only one that can make it. However, I like to add my .02s when I can.

I carry the .40 fullsize IWB @ 4 o'clock. This time of year, no problems at all. I feel that, come summer, there won't be a problem either. Though, I probably will switch to the compact.

You mentioned you don't think there will be a problem controlling or recovering sight picture w/ the .40 compact. The price will probably come down soon and be in a close enough proximity to not be a factor. Also, legal self defense range you shouldn't have a problem getting either gun to do what you want it to. Concealability and comfort mean as much as anything (except reliability and accuracy, wich are both given in this case). As far as "DRAW SPEED" absolutely FORGET :twisted: that subject as far as legal concealed carry is concerned. I can not and have not met anyone who can give a good example of a case for draw speed.

I personally like the full size guns better, but think the compact would make an excellent carry.

Sorry so long. Good luck.

P.S. Would like to see the "need for speed" during concealed carry argument in another thread if someon wants to build it.
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Carry what you are comfortable with.....end of story. Comfortable means many things on the web and this site. It is individual preference, nothing more and nothing less. Today, I carried my Wife's 637 OWB because it fit my requirements for the day. Tomorrow it will be my MP40 because I feel better with it.

I may look at the compact 40 for better carry, but I doubt that it would be a better carry due to similar holster requirement, as not many good holsters are on the market for the MP yet. ( Just my opinion). When you can walk into a gun store and they have compatible holsters for sale for the MP is when I will get more excited.

I really like my MP 40

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