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I currently have a 9mm in the Fullsize but am looking to migrate over to a 40. Originally I had full intentions of going with the compact but now I can't decide. First, I can't afford to get both to preempt that response. :wink: This gun is going to be my carry but I also go to the range as regularly as possible. I have put both in my Crossbreed holster and very much prefer the feel of the compact but both are concealable. The fullsize is much easier to draw and the 40 fullsize recoil is very controllable. I can only speculate how the compact 40 will be, I presume similar to a 990 compact 40 which I have no problem controlling.

Fullsize Pros: Recoil, draw speed (at least until I'm used to the compact), price, and accuracy (I'm guessing)

Compact Pros: Concealability, and it's mighty cool (lol)

Any thoughts?
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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