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No commercial advertising is allowed on this site without contacting the admin/site owners. There is a process to become an official sponsor, if you want to advertise.

Be aware that being a supporting member does NOT make you a sponsor that can advertise on this forum!

However, PERSONAL classifieds from members are allowed in the appropriate "for sale" areas of the site as long as you are not a vendor and it is your personal property you are selling.

Without becoming a sponsor, under no circumstance is any member allowed to use signatures/avatars/usernames of a business that is engaged in selling or offering services in the firearms industry. This includes guns, ammunition, apparel, training, license class, and ANY accessory.

NOTE - Please read the actual FOR SALE section rules before posting items for sale. Here: NEW Classified Rules for M&P Pistol Forum

2. Please do not be ignorant or use foul/curse language. There is no word censor, but please use common sense... Also, no personal attacks against other forum members.

(Admins/moderators have the final judgement call on this issue and will not argue about it)

3. No porn whatsoever. And, any videos or photos posted with anything near NSFW should be noted as such in the title line. Lets keep this site safe for work.

Please do not throw something that is not work safe into the middle of a regular thread as well. Doing so will result in such post being deleted automatically!

4. Female avatars are allowed, but NSFW ones are not (this would create problems for people accessing the site at work).

5. No obscene or inappropriate avatars are allowed. Management of the forum has the final say on what is deemed appropriate and inappropriate.

6. It should be noted that all posts here are done so in the public domain. Once you make a statement here - it is almost the same as if you shouted it out on a street corner. It is in the public domain.

Therefore - when one chooses to leave our forum or is banned (for violating the rules), requests to "delete all of your previous posts" will not be entertained. Threatening to sue will do no good as well, as you would have no legal basis to do so. If you are worried about the content of your posts - you shouldn't have made the posts to begin with.

Also, we do not delete accounts. If you choose to leave the forum, just don't return. Do not request for your acct to be deleted. Not returning and never signing back in accomplishes the same agenda, essentially.

Copy of News Articles - Under no circumstance is it allowed on this forum to copy an entire article from another internet source verbatim and post it here. A member can either post only the link (directly to the article) - or the link AND a few sentences from the actual article. Failure to abide by this rule will result in the deletion of the posted article.

It is preferable that some comment(s) by the original poster be made as to why the article is being posted, but this is not 100% necessary.

8. All NFA rules apply. Please use common sense and do not discuss "How To" subjects that may compromise this site or yourself in particular. Discussion, sale or references to material that would otherwise violate NFA rules are strictly forbidden and the content and the offending party will be removed.

PLEASE keep all talk here legal - know that talk of converting any post 1986 weapons into fully auto weapons is a HUGE No-No topic here on the site! Any such discussions will be deleted.

9. NO DISCUSSION of how to violate or circumvent ANY firearms related law (or ammunition related) will be allowed or entertained on this site. No EXCEPTIONS. Such threads will be locked down immediately and the poster will be banned from our website.

If our responses sound sharp or overly harsh, they must be under these circumstances and in today's climate. This gun forum will not be known as a forum that allows or encourages such behavior. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule under any circumstances.

10. Once again, Classifieds/Forsale ad rules and information can be found here: NEW Classified Rules for M&P Pistol Forum

11. ANY discussion suggesting violence against the government, a government official, or an individual will NOT be tolerated. We are not that type of forum. This should be blatantly obvious, and one would think such a forum rule would not be needed. You are in the wrong place if that is what you expect, and no mainstream gun forum allows this type of behavior either...

ANY violation of this particular rule will result in the offender's IMMEDIATE removal from the forum and deletion of the offending thread.

12. No pro-drug messages or discussions of other illegal activities will be tolerated on this website! Doing so will result in deletion of the offending post and up to removal from the forum.

13. ALL links to outside sites for news stories/articles/whatever must have the FULL hyperlink showing. No shortened links that hide the actual domain of the hyperlink are allowed.

Because so many sites drop malware, etc. on computers just from visiting them, this is done for the safety of the members here. Such posts will be deleted immediately, even if it is an honest mistake on the poster's part.

14. Please don't let your VERY FIRST post on our forum (or even your very first 10 posts) be a public criticism of some business/vendor, etc.

Joining a forum and then immediately posting a negative review of a business as your VERY FIRST post is not a good idea on any forum. More than likely, such a person is just pasting in the same post at multiple gun forums. But, it shows you have no intention of really participating here and just have an axe to grind.

With no history of your past behavior here on the site, there is no way to even remotely verify your version of events - and your comments could be slanderous as far as the staff at our forum would know.

SUCH POSTS WILL IMMEDIATELY BE REMOVED, and the offender will be sanctioned... Up to and including a permanent ban.

15. The subject of politics has become inflammatory with many, many people as of late. For now, there is a political discussion subforum on this website. But, please keep comments civil, non threatening, and please avoid any comments that could be deemed as hateful, threatening and/or racist.

PC culture has gotten out of hand - but please understand that from our point of view (as the staff at this forum) - we do not need someone's comments that go a bit too far to come back and reflect on this forum. Violating this rule could result in politics being a topic not allowed at this particular forum, as other gun forums have already had to make this rule for these exact same reasons.
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