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M&P materials?

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I know the slide is made of stainless steel with the Melonite finish. But what about the rest of the pistol? Barrel, guide rod, slide lock, etc? Once I get the pistol I would like to remove the finish from the barrel if it is indeed stainless. I have always liked the look of a subtle 2 tone. I have done the same to my PX4 Storm (had Robar put an NP3 finish on the barrel only) and it looks really nice.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks,

The Guinea
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There is a ton of useful information on this... Click Search up top and enter in keywords like "two tone" or "melonite" or "refinish"

Also, check the forums here for Bowie Tactical and Burwell's
I concur...

The barrel and guide rod are stainless steel.

I'm not sure on the slide stop.
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