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M&P my next buy

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I've decided after looking at and shooting the M&P that my next purchase will be an M&P 40. I am very impressed with this gun as it has great ergonomics, looks good, and is probably the softest shooting 40 S&W I've yet to shoot (I've shot Sig, Ruger, Glock, XD all in 40 previously). It's probably going to be a month or two before I'm able to get it, but definately the top of the list!!! Anybody know of somewhere in the Denver, CO metro area that has them at a decent price?

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Your BEST price will undoubtedly be an internet deal, most likely with Buds Gun Shop.

They have the .40's in stock right now for $389, though you can probably ask for the $369 price and get it since it is still advertised on Guns America.

If it has to be at a local shop, count on paying a premium. You'll probably be able to pick one up in a store at the $499 level, and that's ON SALE!

Congrats on your decision to become an M&P owner. I'm just waiting for Bud to get in the 9mm's so I can get my first as well.

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Maybe try waiting for a gun show. M&Ps have been known to go for around $420-450 at some.
cet & Matt - Thanks for the info. There's just something about buying a gun that I haven't seen that doesn't seem right, but for the price, I might still go w/ Bud's. :?

Totally understand. The nice thing about S&W is the warranty and customer service should you have any problems.
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