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The M&P has a trigger safety, similar to a glock but uses a hinged apparatus compared to the lever style on glocks and XD's. It's drop safe, but if you "accidentally" (there are no accidental discharges only negligent discharges) pull the trigger your going to put a hole in something. No active safeties on this weapon. Trigger pull weight is roughly equivalent to XD and glock's.

No rust issues with the M&P either, as the slide is stainless steel and then blued, instead of carbon steel like underneath the blued XDs.

Also, FYI, as far as I know the finish of XD's has been changed to tenniffer for a few months now. Any of the newer weapons will have the tennifer finish (the same as Glock, but under a different name) which is very resilient to rust. If rust is your main concern about the XDs you may want to reconsider in light of the new finish.

Both the XD and the M&P are fine weapons, and I plan on purchasing an XD45 in the future to supplement my M&P40. If possible rent them both, along with glock, in the caliber of your choice. I really feel that those three are the creme of the crop when it comes to carry pieces.

Hope this helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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