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M&P Shield Plus None Optic Ready

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I own a M&P Shield 9 Plus, it's the None Optic Ready model. Can I add a red dot optic with an adapter or does it have to be milled?
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Your slide will have to be milled. Be sure to know what optic and its mounting format before you send it in for the milling so you'll get a direct , no plate mount.
Here's a link to forum posts:.
TruGlo shows a dovetail sight base for several different red dot sight that replaces the rear sight on M&Ps. They claim it fits both the full size and Shield models.

Look here:
A lot of people go the route of the adaptor - where you remove the rear sight, install the adaptor in the dovetail and mount the red dot to the adaptor. People do that for self defense/carry and for competition. It works. Just like a scope on a rifle. The higher the optic is from the bore closer you'll have to be on knowing where to aim to have the bullets hit where you want them to hit. The bigger than distance between the bore and optic the bigger the distance will be between point of aim and point of impact than a pistol with the milled slide at the same distances to the target. There will be one spot where the bullet hits right where the dot is on the target. At other distances to the target the space between point of aim and point of impact will be greater and you'll want to know that to compensate in your aim (true for the milled slides, too, they just won't be as far apart between aiming spot and the bullet impact spot.) This is a fairly cheap way to see if you like the dot optics on your pistol. Many love it, many don't. If you decide you don't then it's easy to remove the optic and adaptor and reinstall the rear sight and no one can tell.

You don't have back iron sights as the red dot+adaptor mounted high up on the slide take the rear iron sight dovetail and the front sight is too low to use. Some people will say you don't need the back up iron sights. Some people will say you do.

There are companies that will mill your slide so you can mount the red dot to the slide. Make sure of what you're asking for. Not all dot optics have the same "foot print." That means that length and width of the body may be different and the two holes for the mounting screws may be in different places in the cut milled into the slide.

Some places will mill for a specific foot print which may mean you can run different red dots - but they all have to have the same foot print. Some places may mill the slide in a manner that allows the use of adaptor plates between the slide and dot optic. This allows you to choose between different plates that then allow different dot optics.

Do some homework, ask folks here about their experiences with different vendors and different methods of mounting a dot optic to their pistol slide they had milled. And where/who did the work.
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Sorry, should have also said you've got a great pistol there. Many of us on the forum own one and several on 2 or more Shield Plus pistols. Reliable and accurate in my experience.

Also, many of the holsters, lasers and lights that fit the older Shield pistols are perfect for the Shield Plus. I bought the same model holster for my Shield Plus that I use for my Shield. I bought a light for my Shield Plus that fit it based on the test of trying the light/laser combo on my Shield on the new Shield Plus. Perfect fit, so I ordered a light made for the older Shield and it fit perfect on the Shield Plus.

Holsters, lights and lasers are something else you can find member/user info on here. Ask questions and people will try to help you.
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