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Today I pulled out my old M&P40c (1.0) and the M&P parts bin. I'm getting ready to shoot it this weekend, then see what I want to do with it (sell it, carry it, bedside it, I don't know).

In the parts bin, I found a stippled slide endcap that I never installed. It matches the grip backstrap, mag release, and pinky-rest mag extensions. Went to put it on and then I found out why I never installed it.

The slide endcap appears to have a small bump molded into it. This molded piece does not allow the endcap to fully slide up into position in the end of the slide. I think it's actually a Speed Shooter Specialties endcap, not a S&W. I don't know if they made their own or purchased from S&W. Either way, anybody know if this is how any of the generation of endcaps were molded? And/or, if any generation of slides has a cutout for this bump?

Picture showing the one from the slide (on the right), and the spare one from the parts bin (on the left):


I'll probably just shave it off, but I was curious.
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